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The Veterinary Life Coach® Podcast with Dr. Julie Cappel

Feb 25, 2022

The longer I work in veterinary medicine, the more I learn about mindset and realize that our mindset matters to everything in life. Self-acceptance is an important piece of the puzzle as well as gratitude and surrounding yourself with other positive people. Let's talk today about a few ways to improve our mindset. 

Feb 16, 2022

Teresa Bitner PMP, M.Ed., ACC, is a life coach specilizing in resilience, change, and loss.  She worked in the corporate world as a Project Management Professional and transitioned into teaching, then life coaching.  Teresa's life was changed forever when she suffered the sudden tragic loss of her husband.  She wrote...

Feb 9, 2022

Do you believe that with practice and perserverience that you can do anything?  If so, you are in a growth mindset.  Most people bounce between thinking with a fixed and growth mindset depending on the situation. On this podcast we discuss mindset and how we can spend more time in growth. 

Feb 2, 2022

My special guest today is Jenny Toh.  She is a certified life coach, lawyer, and the director of River Life Coaching.  She is based in Singapore and is a christian, introvert, wife, and mother.  She enjoys coaching individuals to align their career and life goals with their values and personal strengths.  Today we talk...